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For new members or those with an expiration in 2020, the 2020 Hanson.net Membership gives you 1 year of access to member exclusive Hanson.net content and the 2020 Membership EP.

The 2020 EP, will be recorded in early 2020 and began shipping in May 2020.

[Note: To receive the 2020 Member kit, you must join/renew within 2020 with an expiration date of 2020. ]

 About the Hanson.net Community and why it exists:

"We care first and foremost about the relationship we have with the people who like our band/music.  We know how important that relationship is and that is why Hanson.net exists.  The Hanson.net Community is a place for all of us to stay connected with one another, fueled by one common passion, music.”  -Isaac Hanson

While it is often called a Fan Club by many, Hanson.net is far more than that.  Hanson.net is a community of people from all over the world, from many different walks of life, with one thing in common… The love of music.  Hanson.net also gives us a place to take risks that could otherwise be difficult to explain. You see we, Isaac, Taylor and Zac as artists need a place to throw the musical gloves off and know that those who hear/see what we are up to will understand where we are coming from or at very least enjoy it.  In other words...  We trust you. 

Once a year we take time to make Hanson.net Members Only EP’s (2014’s Music Made for Humans, 2013's The Sound of Light, 2012’s No Sleep For Banditos, etc.), and it has become one of the most exciting creative experiences we have each year.  The thing that makes it so much fun is the fact that we do not know what will happen.  We set out each year with no preconceived notion, no musical check lists, no limitations.  We are purely there to chase the muse, trying to find new ways to explore and articulate the feelings of being human, the joy, the pain, the love, the hopes, the fun and desire for a better tomorrow.  That is after all what music is, a contained way of telling one another how we feel, what we think, who we are.  And music does not care whether you wrote it, recorded it or are listening to it, in any case the feelings are no less true or real.  That is what makes music so special, it unites us, and even if it is for a brief 3-4 minutes that feeling can stay with us forever.  That is why we do music.  That is what we care about.  The honest power of an emotional and musical connection and the trust that it creates.

“We are very lucky that this is our job as well as our passion.  We owe that in large part to our fans.  While making music can be very hard work it is the joy of the relationship we have with people who like our band that make it all so worth while.”  -Zac Hanson

The other side of why the Hanson.net Community exists is also very important, but it reaches outside of the community.  In the same way that we are able take musical risks in sharing freely our inspirations (no matter how random and different), your membership not only makes it possible for us to do unique and exciting Members Only Events (M.O.E.) like Back to the Island and Hanson Day each year but it all so also fuels the making of New: Albums, Singles, Music Videos, Tours.  The support you give us each year through your membership to Hanson.net

“We know that people trust us to put the best of ourselves into everything that we do and if we do not give our music our full focus and passion we have violated the trust that is at the core of our relationship with them.  What’s more, You can’t expect someone to care about something if you don’t care about it yourself.”  -Taylor Hanson

With every thing we do we always try to ask “what would we want if we were Hanson.net Members”.  It is that question that has driven us to do most things that we do in the community every thing from Fan Club Reporters (at each show on tour we do an interview with a Hanson.net Member), to Members Only Event recording sessions (Underneath Acoustic, Middle of Nowhere Acoustic & Stand Up Stand Up), and yearly events like Back to the Island and Hanson Day.  We very much want to make your membership valuable because that way you can see that we value you.

Thanks for considering joining Hanson.net,  All the best,  ISAAC, TAYLOR & ZAC


New Membership Features

The latest version of the Hanson.net web site and Community we have put extra focus on the "what we would want as a member” question in mind and our team has helped us to add a host of new and improved features to the site in an effort to acknowledge and reward our most loyal and valuable supporters (Hanson.net Members).  

The site improvements include:

  • Pins - that indicate everything from: Albums you Listen to and Love, Going to Concerts, Attending Members Only Events, Meeting the Band, Being a Fan Club Reporter and a whole host of interactions with other members on Hanson.net
  • Members Points - Purchase items in the Hanson.net store and get rewards for your support of the band through points.
  • A re-designed Members Account page with a much easier to use interface.
  • Friends - Keep track of the friends you make and know when they are online.
  • Re-designed Private Messages - Communicate directly with other Members through a fully redesigned Private Messaging system.


 Additional Member Features

  • Meet the Band - Special meet and greets are available only to Hanson.net Members at most concerts (Members are selected at random from the pool of meet and greet requests).
  • Tour Ticket Pre-sales - Hanson.net Members get early access to tickets for most concerts… so you can make sure you have a seat.
  • You can be a Fan Club Reporter - interview the band before a concert (1 Member is selected for each Concert). 
  • Members Only Events - Each year Hanson hosts various events many of which are free (like Hanson Day in Tulsa each May).
  • Members Promotions and Discounts - Throughout the year there are times when Special deals are offered only to Members.
  • Members Only Items- Get things that only members can get (Music, Special Merchandise and more) 


How does the Membership Work?

A current purchase of a membership will be for the 2020 year, for 1 year from the date the membership is purchased.  At the time your membership is purchased, you immediately gain access to all of the Hanson.net member exclusive content and areas in the Hanson.net website.

New members or returning lapsed members must purchase the membership for the year in which you join. If you purchased a new/renewal 2020 membership in 2019 by accident, your order will be corrected and you will be sent the 2019 kit.

Membership Join/Renewals

If you are renewing for this year (2020), with a renewal date in 2020, you must purchase a 2020 member kit and your membership expiration date will be extended by 365 days.

If you are renewing for next year (2021), with a renewal date in 2021, you must purchase a 2021 member kit for renewals when it becomes available in December of 2020.

If you are joining for the first time, you must choose the 2020 member kit; once purchased your membership expiration date will be one full year (365 days).

Please contact Customer Service with any questions regarding your membership (a link to customer service is at the bottom of every page on the Hanson.net Website).


To place an order for a fan club membership for someone other than yourself, follow these steps:

  1. Log out of Hanson.net if you are logged in.
Choose a new username for the person you are buying the membership for or log in under his/her account. 

  3. Register the new username - Please spell carefully as names cannot be altered once created.
Once you are registered and logged in with a new username, proceed to the Hanson.net store to order a membership
Click add to cart and proceed to checkout.
In the shipping information, put the information of your friend or family member.
In the billing information, put your information so you will be billed for the purchase. 

  8. Proceed through checkout.
Online access for the new membership is available immediately. Simply give your friend or family member the username and password for the account. The membership kit will be shipped as soon as possible. Notification of the shipment will be sent to the email listed for the order.

[Memberships are non-refundable or exchangeable]

[If the incorrect membership is chosen, we will change it to the correct one as soon as the error is discovered. If you purchased a new/renewal 2020 membership in 2019 by accident, your order will be corrected and you will be sent the 2019 kit. You will receive the 2020 kit when you renew in 2020.]

*Beginning with the 2017 membership membercards will no longer be included with memberships.

**Membership purchased for the 2020 year will given immediate access to Hanson.net when purchased for 365 days and the membership EP will be  shipped.

The Hanson.net Staff will correct your membership purchase if you purchase a 2020 membership kit when you are eligible for the 2019 kit.  Only members that have expiration dates in 2020 are eligible for the 2020 membership kit.

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