Hanson.net Forum Rules

  1. Discussions, Photos, and Threads of any sort pertaining to Hanson's family, individual family members, and/or the band's personal life are not allowed.
  2. Bashing/disrespecting of Hanson, Hanson staff, Hanson.net staff, management and/or 3CG Records personnel is not allowed
  3. The use of profane, suggestive, obscene language of any kind is strictly prohibited.  Please note that using an * or any other symbol in place of a letter does NOT make a word acceptable.  Do not attempt to post around the site filters.
  4. No spam allowed.  This includes but is not limited to multiple forum cross posting, games, post counts, countdowns and repeatedly replying to your own posts.
  5. No obscene, suggestive, sexual, inappropriate, or vulgar topics, photos, or posts.
  6. No rumors allowed.
  7. No music or video file sharing especially bootleg and unreleased material.
  8. No selling or advertising for sale of any kind is permitted.  This includes links to ebay auctions, cafeshops, etc.
  9. Keep forum topics within the correct forum.  Topics will be moved or removed if posted in the wrong forum.
  10. Fan Fiction, including, but not limited to, links to fan fiction and posting stories in the forums, is not allowed.
  11. No harassment or slander of anyone is allowed.
  12. Sharing accounts is strictly prohibited.
  13. Copyright violaters will be terminated immediately.

In addition, any member who continually disrupts the forums will be terminated at the discretion of Hanson.net, and, if they are fan club members, may have their fan club membership revoked without refund.  Repeated violation of any rule can and will result in termination.

We reserve the right to remove or close messages and threads that we deem unacceptable.  We reserve the right to delete any message or thread from the forums for any reason without the consent of the author.  We also reserve the right to remove the posting privileges and fan club memberships of members who violate the rules of forum behavior at any time without warning.  Reposting of threads deleted by Hanson.net staff can and will result in immediate termination.

All forums may be cleaned out periodically.  The Hanson.net forum is not a permanent archive.