Thank You & Happy Christmas

Nov 02, 2017 | HANSON

After a year full of amazing shows all over the planet, the Middle Of Everywhere World Tour is officially complete. We can’t imagine a better way to have celebrated all the years we have spent together making music. Thank you to everyone who joined the festivities throughout the tour; you are the reason we are still here. We feel so energized for 2018, a new exciting tour is in the works, members can look forward to the 2018 EP and we will be getting into the studio to craft what comes next.

We are working our way back to Oklahoma this week, but in no time at all we will be diving into rehearsal for the Christmas shows. In the mean time, you can checkout another stream from the Making of Finally It’s Christmas tonight on at 6PM CT. 

Isaac, Taylor and Zac


Forum Comments

Great shot, I’m sure Houston was awesome and a great wrap up for an amazing tour! Hope you enjoy your very well deserved break before the Christmas tour. I’m looking forward to hear what is next for 2018! 

Posted Nov 3, 2017   06:56:43 AM

I'm inexplicably excited for 2018 - it feels like a really big year for you guys; the beginning of the next chapter. And more tour? Who can't be excited about that? See you all very soon and enjoy your well-deserved break until "Finally It's Christmas" Live. I feel like folks will flock to Los Angeles to avoid the winter weather.

Posted Nov 3, 2017   07:24:21 AM

The Houston show was amazing! I'm thankful to have seen y'all at three of the shows this tour. I wish there was a Christmas show that was closer to Oklahoma! Enjoy some time off before the Christmas shows begin. 

Posted Nov 3, 2017   07:25:42 AM

2018; The year you finally enter Norway! I hope you will find Norway as a good place to do a full concert in the future! 

Looking forward to Manchester, We Love the 90's in Norway and Hanson Day 2018! <3 

Posted Nov 3, 2017   09:06:19 AM

2018 would be even better than 2017 if there’s new music on the horizon!! 

Posted Nov 3, 2017   09:19:44 AM

So thankful I was finally able to see you live for the MOE Tour! And I feel like I've said this a million times already, but I'm so excited for everything coming up in 2018 (and the Xmas concerts next month)!!! So glad we'll get more new music and another tour this coming year!

Posted Nov 3, 2017   09:39:39 AM

Great photo! Thank you so much for an amazing tour! 

Cheers guys!

Posted Nov 3, 2017   10:44:56 AM

The MOE tour was unbelievable and i'm so glad I got to experience it. The amount of passion and drive behind it was palpable; I can only image how amazing the Christmas shows will be. Can't wait for 2018 and all the things it has in store!  

Posted Nov 3, 2017   11:35:12 AM

Hope that you guys have a nice few weeks off. Rest up!

Posted Nov 3, 2017   12:17:28 PM

Thanks for another round of great memories (and my most packed "Hanson" year yet). I'm taking a break from the Christmas record until the holiday gets a little closer :x but it is fantastic. See you soon in NYC!

Posted Nov 3, 2017   12:19:29 PM

Will have to watch tonight's stream after MacGyver... anyhow, I wonder if there's going to be a Christmas livestream this year like in previous years...

Posted Nov 3, 2017   12:56:27 PM

The MOE Tour was fantastic! Thanks so much, guys! You are amazing! 

Posted Nov 3, 2017   01:19:26 PM

Sad to have missed this tour, but waiting for a new opportunity! Come back soon boys!

Posted Nov 3, 2017   01:33:59 PM

Such an amazing tour! Looking forward to more in the future

Posted Nov 3, 2017   01:43:29 PM

WE THANK YOU... For the greats shows in Europe!!! Can't wait for Manchester!!!

Posted Nov 3, 2017   01:56:10 PM

I'm so happy we got to see you during the MOE tour and at Summerfest.  You guys just keep getting better and better as a live band.  Thanks for sneaking in that Milwaukee date before Christmas!  We'll be there with bells on (if not an ugly sweater).   ;)

We're loving the new Christmas album, by the way.  Looking forward to the stream tonight!  

Posted Nov 3, 2017   02:24:00 PM

Undoubtedly it was a great tour! And we show that we go anywhere with you. For 25 more years of success and success! Thanks for visiting Argentina, my expectations were exceeded and we hope to see you soon! Now to recharge energies for the Christmas shows.

Posted Nov 3, 2017   02:40:21 PM

Looking forward to the bank account break ;) ;) and hope y’all are able to relax a little before rehearsal starts for the Christmas  shows!! It’s been a fun tour ! 

Posted Nov 3, 2017   02:47:47 PM

While I didn't get to see a show for the tour, I did get to see you perform for the 4th year in a row at the Eat to the Beat concert series at EPCOT!  I haven't missed a show since I moved down to Florida, and I cannot wait to see what the next year has in store for you guys!  <3 

Posted Nov 3, 2017   03:06:51 PM

I can't even begin to explain how grateful we are for all the hard work and passion that you put into everything you do! The MOE tour was the perfect way to celebrate 25 years. Enjoy your break before the Christmas shows and can't wait to see what 2018 has in store!

Posted Nov 3, 2017   03:09:49 PM

I´m happy of being part of these tour! It was amazing. We´re waiting for you in Uruguay! 

Posted Nov 3, 2017   03:58:39 PM

 awe love you guys soo much thank you for another year of 25 years to and taysmy hero to see you  all on the toronto shows.

Posted Nov 3, 2017   04:10:24 PM

Thank you guys for everything

Posted Nov 3, 2017   06:31:57 PM

The view you must get from the stage must be full of so many resonances and references that we cant imagine.

The tour from Amsterdam to NYC was joy.

Thank you.

Posted Nov 3, 2017   06:49:26 PM

Congratulations for this world tour! Hope you all could enjoy the next days with your family, friends and dogs.

Thank you so much!

It's nice to know that you all have plans about a new tour. Fingers crossed for concerts in Brazil  =)

Posted Nov 3, 2017   10:44:18 PM

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