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Nov 10, 2017 | HANSON

Fresh off the road, still on a high from the Middle Of Everywhere Tour, we are starting to rehearse for the Christmas concerts.  We have been talking about the show for weeks now, but it is time to hitch the reindeer to the sleigh and see how things ride.

Each week, we are doing our best to get all of you excited for the Christmas concerts that are to come, that means never-before-seen photos and videos from the making of Snowed In and Finally It’s Christmas, as well as weekly streams and first looks at the new music video for the song Finally It’s Christmas.  If you haven’t looked this week, check the
Media section of for photos and videos and join us Friday night for another behind the scenes stream from the making of.

The best way to spread holiday cheer is singing loud for all to hear, so with that in mind we created a helpful tool for you. The official video for Finally It’s Christmas is still a few weeks away, but we have created a lyric video to help you practice the song before Christmas Party season starts.  Look for it coming early next week.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac

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I finally broke down and bought It's finally it's Christmas today. I always am funny about starting the holiday too soon so usually wait until Thanksgiving first. I won't be able to got to any of the Christmas shows but I will be rocking out around the house as my family gets ready for the holiday. 

Posted Nov 10, 2017   04:33:50 PM

oh my gosh yes  a shows at a skating rink yes hanson  i love to skate to lol and  i cant wait to see you.

Posted Nov 10, 2017   04:36:35 PM

I loooove the new videos of the making of Snowed In. ❤

Posted Nov 10, 2017   05:20:29 PM

eeeek! i can tell wait for the video! 

Posted Nov 10, 2017   09:18:49 PM

I love this!! I hope you all had a blast filming this in LA!  Amazing show in Anaheim and thank you for playing Finally It's Christmas!  Your Christmas show will be so great :)

Posted Nov 12, 2017   01:25:29 AM

You know what would be same level ........All the recent MOE pictures posted.... *hint hint*

Posted Nov 12, 2017   09:32:18 AM

^ what Suze said. *winking emoji* 

Posted Nov 12, 2017   01:42:22 PM

That's awesome, Santa on roller skates

Posted Nov 12, 2017   10:12:12 PM

Santa on roller skates, huh?  That might be a little tricky up on the roof.  Looking forward to the lyric video!  ;)

Posted Nov 13, 2017   09:16:27 AM

So, I'm not sure how you are going to top the lyric video.  That was amazing.

Posted Nov 13, 2017   10:27:00 AM

So, I'm not sure how you are going to top the lyric video.  That was amazing.

I agree!  :)

Posted Nov 13, 2017   10:41:04 AM


Posted Nov 15, 2017   02:06:51 PM


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