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Oct 19, 2017 | HANSON

Finally It's Christmas comes out in just 8 days! 8 days!!! We know it is a little early to be in the full swing of Christmas, but that's why we have devised a few ways for you to ease yourself into the season.  Starting next Friday (October 27th) and continuing into November, we will be sharing new streams from the making of Finally It's Christmas each Friday at 6PM CT.  You can go inside the studio and watch as we craft seasonal melodies for your listening pleasure. Starting next week we will also be sharing more photos and video from the album all leading up to the Christmas concerts in November and December.  We hope you enjoy the new album, and we can't wait to play it for you later this year.  
Isaac, Taylor and Zac

Forum Comments

Excited for all the cool upcoming peeks into the making of “Finally, it Christmas!” And the release of the album as well <3 

Posted Oct 20, 2017   02:39:54 PM


Posted Oct 20, 2017   02:42:46 PM

It's that time again! I love the streams! 

Posted Oct 20, 2017   02:45:11 PM

Wow! Looking forward to Fridays! =]

Posted Oct 20, 2017   02:48:19 PM

Awesome! :)

Posted Oct 20, 2017   04:15:25 PM

Tune in October 27?  We'll be in line for the Houston show.  How meta!!  It'll be like a parallel universe....we'll be outside, and you'll be inside "live" streaming (or streaming some version thereof), then we'll meet up at the MOE and the concert.  Trippy!  If you're live-streaming, why don't you just do it outside with those of us in line?  Or better yet, invite us inside?  Woah!!

Posted Oct 20, 2017   05:52:42 PM

I hope I'll be able to see the livestream - with the time difference..........

Posted Oct 20, 2017   06:05:19 PM

My favorite holiday is Halloween, so I’m really hoping I can get into the Christmas spirit. If anyone can get me there, I think it’d be Hanson! Chicagooooo 

Posted Oct 20, 2017   07:10:36 PM

i cant wait yes hanson thank you. see you soon.

Posted Oct 20, 2017   09:05:33 PM

The streams are great news. Thank you!

Posted Oct 20, 2017   09:41:03 PM

What an awesome start to a Saturday... 00:45 - wake up; 01:00 - HNET stream; 02:00 - MacGyver -- only thing that could make it better is if our 16 hour Marilyn Manson and Formula One gig were next weekend

Posted Oct 20, 2017   09:43:58 PM

Oh my gosh yes! This has brightened up my fridays!

Posted Oct 20, 2017   10:01:14 PM

haha, awesome! if i'm completely honest, snowed in started playing two months ago. my whole year is waiting for christmas :)

Posted Oct 20, 2017   10:18:56 PM

@benfongtorres!! yasss! haha. i'll be there too!

Posted Oct 20, 2017   10:20:15 PM

Christmas comes early this year.  I might even have to bake some cookies...  ;)

Looking forward to Friday!

Posted Oct 21, 2017   12:08:08 AM

Christmas will be extra special this year for all of us Hanson fans. Snowed In will finally get a new buddy. Also, can't wait for the show in Manchester <3 Thank you, guys. You are truly the best band.

Posted Oct 21, 2017   06:13:58 AM


Posted Oct 21, 2017   08:52:23 AM

Thanks for makings our Xmas the best! Hahaha looking forward to it!

Posted Oct 21, 2017   09:28:29 AM

Yay more to look forward to! 

Posted Oct 21, 2017   11:34:46 AM

Super cool, can't wait to watch! ^__^

Posted Oct 21, 2017   11:38:08 AM

This makes me so happy!!

Posted Oct 21, 2017   01:16:12 PM

This should be fun <3

Posted Oct 21, 2017   03:24:51 PM

So excited

Posted Oct 21, 2017   04:13:09 PM


Posted Oct 21, 2017   04:13:26 PM

Im soo happy and cant wait all this!! I love Christmas season  and this year is  going to be more great  than ever for you guys, with the album and all the streams and videos  <3 

Posted Oct 21, 2017   08:17:36 PM

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