I Was Born... To Fly!!!

Jun 26, 2017 | ZacHanson

So I said a few weeks ago it the I Was Born video hit 1 million views I would jump off the Sky Tower in Auckland. The video is super close so I did it anyway. The catch I am not gonna share the video until the 1 million mark it met. HANSON doing stupid stuff on video is nothing new, but I Was Born is a new theme for us to challenge ourselves to go rob new highs and check thing off the bucket list.

whats next? Bungee jumping? Skydiving? Driving Race Cars? Riding in a fighter jet? I could keep going! It could also be things that would not maleness me barf. 

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We thank you for the tease of the video to push us to keep refreshing and sharing! Next? I vaguely remember at 2 million you said sky diving? Although, I am partial to the race car idea and the bungee jumping........

Posted Jun 26, 2017   10:10:38 PM

Side note: Best blog title ever!

Posted Jun 26, 2017   10:11:15 PM

base jump off the grand canyon

Posted Jun 26, 2017   10:13:35 PM

Up for a challenge when you come to Philadelphia? Visit the Mutter Museum without barfing OR since it'll be close to Halloween visit the Eastern State Penitentiary for a haunted tour, ya know? IF you can handle it! 

Posted Jun 26, 2017   10:16:02 PM

ive always wanted to see his reaction to haunted hoochie here in columbus. i cant even handle it with the lights ON.

Posted Jun 26, 2017   10:19:30 PM

This is awesome! So excited to see the video! 

Skydiving and bungee jumping are SUPER awesome (I've done both a few times) and I'd love to see that but I think it needs to be something unique and not so stereotypical "scary". I'll have to think about this! 

P.S. SO happy Taylor and Isaac joined in as well! 


Posted Jun 26, 2017   10:26:16 PM

Las Vegas have one too,... lol

Posted Jun 26, 2017   10:28:39 PM

I presumed it would be done anyway - just like the 2010 Christmas stream would have probably happened whether or not the music video that time received enough views... but it's a great way to engage an audience / fanbase

Posted Jun 26, 2017   10:32:44 PM

Abseiling down a cliff face? Sure. Why not?!

Posted Jun 26, 2017   10:32:46 PM

You give meaning to life because we are born to live life

Posted Jun 26, 2017   10:39:13 PM

Come to Plymouth Wisconsin on Saturday night cuz maybe I'd talk my bro in law on letting you drive his car and you guys could sponsor him to. Message me if interested please 

Posted Jun 26, 2017   11:25:18 PM

I'm glad they all did the jump off the tower, I want to help get the "I was Born" views to 1 million just so that they will show us the video of all of them jumping. 

Posted Jun 27, 2017   12:53:14 AM

That looks exhilarating but you won't catch me up there. Kudos on your brave-ness!

Posted Jun 27, 2017   01:12:51 AM

Whoo!! Looks amazing! This is definalty on my bucket list! 

Posted Jun 27, 2017   01:53:06 AM

Man, I can't wait to see the video you put together Zac. It'll be awesome and you all did a great job

Posted Jun 27, 2017   01:53:27 AM

Great job guys!!! Cant wait for the video!!! 

Here's another suggestion... hang glide in São Paulo!!! You're going to love the view (do it on my birthday too, August 26!)! Still hoping that you would eat something gross! Lol! I ate a tree worm once, tasted like oysters! Lol! 

Anyway, can't wait for your show in Anaheim and LA!!! Take care! 

Posted Jun 27, 2017   02:46:49 AM

So stoked you did it! Bungee jumping in Queenstown next time you come to New Zealand? :)

Posted Jun 27, 2017   02:51:24 AM

Trek to Machu Picchu in Peru or try sand boarding in Lima. 

Posted Jun 27, 2017   04:33:30 AM

Be the first rock and roll band to have tea at my house - how about That???

Posted Jun 27, 2017   04:45:32 AM

Zac - abseil the Gordon Dam! It's ridiculous!!!!

Posted Jun 27, 2017   05:51:11 AM

Climb the Gloucester Tree near Perth, so much fun!

Posted Jun 27, 2017   06:10:27 AM

Perform a concert somewhere "extra-ordinary". Not sure where, but maybe somewhere that is meaningful to you 3? 

Posted Jun 27, 2017   06:25:55 AM

At 2 million you should do another tour in Europe! #refresh

Posted Jun 27, 2017   07:01:08 AM

One day I'll do it too!

cool guys! 

Posted Jun 27, 2017   07:12:36 AM

If you hit the 1,5 million views, you should take a class of tango here in Buenos Aires!  

Posted Jun 27, 2017   08:11:35 AM

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