Christmas In Style

Oct 14, 2017 | HANSON

Even if you are not joining us at one of the stops on the Middle Of Everywhere tour this week or attending the members only event in Seattle, there is another way to enjoy some live music. We love to break things down and bring it back to the DNA of the song. That's why we jumped at the chance to perform for NPR’s Tiny Desk series. Monday, NPR will be posting the first of two Tiny Desks so be sure to check it out! Our second Tiny Desk will be posted closer to Christmas as it feature three songs from the new Christmas album, Finally It’s Christmas. And on that note, if you already feel a little Christmas spirit coming on, check out the new items we added to the store today.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac


Forum Comments

very excited to see the Tiny Desk videos!!!

Posted Oct 14, 2017   07:21:31 PM

OMG, I'm so excited about EVERYTHING in this newsletter!! I absolutely love Tiny Desk and I cannot wait to hear Hanson on there! So stoked!!!! And more Christmas merch, which honestly, my reaction was "Oh no. This is not good." Because you know, bank account. LoL.

Posted Oct 14, 2017   07:45:18 PM

Will this merch be available at the FIC dates, I wonder?

Posted Oct 14, 2017   07:55:54 PM

I can't wait to see the Tiny Desk performances :)  and I am absolutely loving the Christmas merch.  Thanks for adding some t-shirts and tank tops for those of us who experience a summer Christmas :)

Posted Oct 14, 2017   08:00:24 PM

Woohoo, can’t wait!

Posted Oct 14, 2017   08:21:52 PM

cant wait yess

Posted Oct 14, 2017   08:32:54 PM

Yes to all the buffalo items <3 stop making me poor, Hanson!

Posted Oct 14, 2017   08:44:27 PM

More temptation for Christmas merchandise. 

Posted Oct 14, 2017   10:04:13 PM

Not sure if what I just read was the weekly "message from the band" or just an advertising post, hahaha. Hope you're all doing awesome with the tour. Will make sure to check NPR's videos to not miss the live performances so much!

Posted Oct 15, 2017   12:07:21 AM

Maybe this is already common knowledge but what is the significance of the bison?

Posted Oct 15, 2017   02:52:12 AM

Very excited about the Tiny Desk set! Love watching those from other faves too. And so much cute holiday merch this year, yikes! 

Posted Oct 15, 2017   04:08:17 AM

The new Christmas itens are beautiful!

Posted Oct 15, 2017   04:20:38 AM

Will definitely tune-in for tiny desk. Those cards...the expressions...why is there not a Hanson cartoon a'la The Jackson 5ive cartoon? 

Except, now that they're adults, it could be a little self deprecating, more like a "Cartoon Network" type of thing. The cartoon could be about Hanson going on adults. Not necessarily adult adventures just them as cartoon characters, maybe with a "Scooby Doo" type of theme. Adventures in solving mysteries. Deadpan humor, some "gee golly" moments. It would be excellent. 

Posted Oct 15, 2017   07:39:12 AM

This march is perfection <3

Posted Oct 15, 2017   11:33:25 AM

God I was already stressing buying the sweater combo, now I have way to much to choose from....My bank account is going to hate me.

Posted Oct 15, 2017   11:38:23 AM

Love the mug!

Posted Oct 15, 2017   11:49:55 AM

I've been wondering when the NPR Tiny Desk appearances would be shown...  Looking forward to them...

Funny to see the note card pics.  When you posted the Finally It's Christmas album cover on Twitter, I replied that you could use that long scarf to strangle each other.  Apparently you had already taken a photo doing just that.  :)

Posted Oct 15, 2017   01:03:12 PM

I want everything.

Posted Oct 15, 2017   02:11:10 PM

Nice! :)

Posted Oct 15, 2017   04:59:20 PM

Can’t wait!

Posted Oct 15, 2017   05:22:21 PM

What is Tiny Desk? Is it a TV show?

Posted Oct 15, 2017   07:28:20 PM

So many new items! Got kind of excited and may have ordered a little more than necessary..

Posted Oct 15, 2017   08:54:18 PM

I'll be checking Facebook religiously for the Tiny Desk video!

Posted Oct 16, 2017   06:56:19 AM

Tiny Desk

Posted Oct 16, 2017   08:42:24 AM

yay! The first tiny desk concert is on ... here

Posted Oct 16, 2017   08:44:45 AM

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