Christmas Album Out Tomorrow!

Oct 26, 2017 | HANSON

If you are reading this and have not pre-ordered your copy of Finally It’s Christmas, what are you waiting for? We know it’s early to put on your ugly sweater, but this is a special occasion twenty years in the making. Tomorrow is a big day; The new Christmas album comes out and we will be streaming footage from the making of the album as well as a first look at the new music video, not to mention tomorrow is the final show of the Middle Of Everywhere world tour. What a day!

This tour has been incredible. It has taken us all over the world traveling from Hamburg to Adelaide and now Houston. We have been struck by the power of music to bring people together and feel honored to have been a small part of so many people's lives. As this tour comes to a close, we want to recognize that the people of Houston have been through a lot in 2017. As a small early Christmas gift, we will be donating the proceeds from tomorrow's concert to the Houston Food Bank to make sure no one goes hungry this Christmas. We are sad to see this tour coming to an end, but we are excited for what comes next, Christmas shows, Back To The Island and beyond. 

Isaac, Taylor and Zac

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This photo is so perfect! Cannot wait for the release tomorrow. FINALLY, it's Christmas...early! What a beautiful gesture to the Houston Food Bank. Class acts, as always.

Posted Oct 26, 2017   06:14:11 PM

woo hanson cant wait too see you

Posted Oct 26, 2017   06:24:30 PM

This all makes me so so so happy. Seeing and meeting you guys in Vancouver was the highlight of my LIFE. (Bare in mind I'm only 14..) but still I feel like when I get married one day or something like that I'll be like, "this is pretty cool but.. you know... nothing will beat meeting Hanson!!" You guys are so very wonderful and thank you for making my life a happy one :) I'm sooo excited for the Christmas album and everything to come!! And hey, I'll see you in 2021 for BTTI! It's my graduation present!! Love you❤️

Posted Oct 26, 2017   06:37:33 PM

The cds from the shop JB HiFi in New Zealand have been shipped and a lot of them have arrived. Mine hasn't arrived yet.....the courier got the address wrong - but thankfully it wasn't a successful delivery. I contacted the courier. Hopefully I get it soon.

Posted Oct 26, 2017   06:48:23 PM

Love the happiness on there faces in their Christmas sweaters. LOL 

Posted Oct 26, 2017   07:16:32 PM

Can`t wait to have it ! 

Posted Oct 26, 2017   07:18:57 PM

The perks of being an Aussie... it's amazing guys, seriously. Worth the wait in many ways! 

(And thanks for remembering your time in Adelaide! The city misses you!

Posted Oct 26, 2017   07:27:18 PM

Got mine in the mail today! So excited!

Posted Oct 26, 2017   07:36:08 PM

Got mine today! I love it so much!!

Posted Oct 26, 2017   08:06:21 PM

I hope it's on Spotify or Apple Music at midnight today! I won't be getting it from HNet, I'll try to get it at the Toronto concerts

Posted Oct 26, 2017   08:07:53 PM

Your generous spirits shine ever bright! <3

Posted Oct 26, 2017   08:44:39 PM

I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted Oct 26, 2017   09:05:47 PM

This is such a great year to be a Fanson! Feels like Christmas every day :)

Posted Oct 26, 2017   09:29:49 PM

Thank you for doing that for Houston, and I can't wait to be there to help close out the tour! It's amazing! :)

Posted Oct 26, 2017   11:34:47 PM

This album is out of this world. Joy to the mountain? Come ON!! And all the originals... couldn’t be better. Thank you!!!!!

Posted Oct 26, 2017   11:38:01 PM

It's so good!

Posted Oct 27, 2017   12:09:27 AM

Love the album so much already!! I cannot wait to listen to it more. Thank you for bringing Christmas early this year!


Posted Oct 27, 2017   12:49:21 AM

Isaac! I just couldn't believe how amazingly beautiful you sang "A Merry Little Christmas". Your voice, so warm and soulful. Perfect for such a beautiful christmassong. This song will be on repeat. ;) Happy holidays!

Posted Oct 27, 2017   02:40:49 AM

Been listening all morning here in Norway! Loving the new Finally it`s Christmas album <3 <3 <3 Paris was amazing this june and Im so happy that I got to see you again in 44 days... Manchester, England! :) 

Posted Oct 27, 2017   03:41:12 AM

Why do you guys always make me cry? I’m so happy to see your donating to the people in need! Your hearts are truly made of gold. I’m looking forward to be seeing you call in the Christmas in Manchester! This Christmas will be truly special to me, and many others! 

Posted Oct 27, 2017   04:26:31 AM

Picked mine up from the store today!!!! Been playing it in the car all day :-P absolutely love it!!!! :-D 

Posted Oct 27, 2017   05:20:11 AM

Already listened to the new album multiple times! I love it! So looking forward to the Xmas streams and concerts! And of course super excited for everything that's to come in 2018 and beyond! Hope you guys have an awesome last show of the tour, great gesture donating to the Houston Food Bank! <3 

Posted Oct 27, 2017   06:00:53 AM

Love you guys for being so caring and generous!  Thank you for an amazing tour!  Enjoy your last show :)

Excited for the stream tonight!  I'll be listening to the new album all day in anticipation.

Posted Oct 27, 2017   06:19:26 AM

The three of you are nothing short of amazing. I have loved listening to your music and watching you perform since I first saw you in 1998, and just when I think I cannot have anymore love for you all, I read something like this blog. The kindness that you show to others is simply wonderful. The fact that you put your fans first (other than your own families and team of course) and keep others needs in mind is so touching. You can certainly tell you live by your strong values and faith (which I noticed that you even mention in your "Message from the Band" in your 'Finally It's Christmas' Album Booklet). Thank you for being wonderful men, musicians, and a great example of what an artist should truly be. You never forget where you came from! Good luck with the ending of the world tour as well as your Christmas shows! Thank you for these past 25 years and cheers to many more! We all look forward to each moment!

Posted Oct 27, 2017   06:34:22 AM

Like we say in French "C'est de la bombe"! Christmas Season is my favorite despite the cold weather. I really enjoy Christmas no matter what happened during the year. It's time to be unite again and sharing love. I do believe in Christmas spirit and Finally it's Christmas sounds exactly like I think Christmas supposed to be: happiness, positivity, love and dynamism. Thank you so much for this great soundtrack for our Christmas seasons and your generosity is such a great exemple for everyone.

Posted Oct 27, 2017   06:38:03 AM

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